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Be on the lookout for NRS Fall/Winter 2023 print catalogs, arriving in homes mid-October!

Are you on the road traveling and need a completely portable stall for your horses? The Carri-Lite Horse Corral Kit is made of high impact engineering grade HDPE resin that is very durable. This Kit includes 8 tan horse panels, connecting rods and brackets to secure the panels to your trailer. The panels collapse to 1/4th of their size, making traveling easier. They expand to 5'3" and up to 52" high.

  • 8 Panel Kit
  • Completely Portable
  • Composed of high impact engineering grade HDPE resin, ultrasonically welded and hydraulic pressed fitting
  • Very durable, can secure to your trailer for an outdoor stall
  • Can stand alone or be secured to horse trailer with brackets (included with kit)
  • New leg adjustment for increased stabilization
  • Kit includes: 8 panels, connecting rods and brackets
  • Panels expand to approx. 5'3" in length and up to 52" high
  • Panels collapse to approx. 1/4th its size for convenient transportation and storage
  • Standing alone this 8 panel kit makes approx. 12ft round pen
  • UV stabilized, will not crack or chip even under freezing conditions
  • Provides a safe resting area for horses
  • Color: Tan
  • SI-102-T