Cactus Ropes Stran Smith Double Barrel Breakaway

Cactus Ropes Stran Smith Double Barrel Breakaway

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  • Double Barrel Breakaway
  • Stran Smith
  • Life Time Guarantee
  • Realistic Feel
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Cactus Ropes "Let's Go Rope"

The CactusRopes Stran Smith Double Barrel Breakaway is the last breakaway youwill ever need; it comes with a lifetime guarantee! In addition tohaving a realistic feel and swing, the Double Barrel Breakaway islightweight, easy to install and does not fly back at the roper, makingit safer than other hondas. This is part of Stran Smith's Double S line.

Cactus Ropeshas pioneered the rope-making industry for more than 20 years, creatingspecialized products for ropers of all kinds. We are proud of ourhistory and we are pleased to provide you with the highest quality ropesand service. Today’s ropers have a wide variety of options availablefrom Cactus Ropes that are tailored to their specific needs. Many of theworld’s best ropers use and actively endorse our products, includingTrevor Brazile, Chad Masters, Clay O’Brien Cooper, Stran Smith, MattSherwood, Nick Sartain, Riley Minor and Jake Long. Whether you are aheader, heeler, calf roper, novice or seasoned professional, Cactusmakes a rope that’s perfect for your needs. We are ranchers, ropers,rodeo contestants and horse enthusiasts who take pride in blendingtraditional rope-making artistry with technical innovations to producethe industry’s best equipment. Your World For All Things Western