Cactus Ropes Shockwave Youth Rope

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  • Youth Rope
  • Calf Rope
  • Young Breakaway Ropers
  • Colors Available: Blue, Pink and Green
  • 4-Strand
  • 8.0 Diameter
  • 100% Poly
  • Length: 28'
  • Lay: SS

Cactus Ropes "Let's go rope"

Cactus RopesShockwave is our first youth four-strand calf rope. This rope worksperfectly for young breakaway ropers or someone looking for a play rope.The Shockwave is the best beginner rope available in Cactus Ropes line.

Today’sropers have a wide variety of options available from Cactus Ropes thatare tailored to their specific needs. Many of the world’s best ropersuse and actively endorse our products, including Trevor Brazile, ChadMasters, Clay O’Brien Cooper, Stran Smith, Matt Sherwood, Nick Sartain,Riley Minor and Jake Long. Whether you are a header, heeler, calf roper,novice or seasoned professional, Cactus makes a rope that’s perfect foryour needs.