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Bye Bye Insects Fly Spray 32 oz

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  • Spalding Labs
  • A principally essential oil fly spray
  • Effective against mosquitoes
  • Use on both humans and livestock
  • Smells great!
  • 32 oz concentrate
  • BBI32

Bye Bye Insects Fly Spray™

A Principally Essential Oil Fly Spray* That Matches The Performance Of Synthetic Chemical Pesticides.

  • Safe For Use On Both Humans And Equines
  • Effective for Mosquitoes
  • Smells Great Too!

Spalding Labs has been controlling flies naturally for 43 years with Fly Predators. Our goal for our first Fly Spray was to create the best fly repellent, of any kind, for horses and people. In the past, Essential Oils never kept up with synthetic Pyrethroid sprays in performance. With Bye Bye Insects™ we’ve met that ambitious goal.

Besides great performance, Bye Bye Insects also smells and feels terrific. Pyrethroid fly sprays warn against use on human skin, and few people like the smell of them. By comparison, Bye Bye Insects has a pleasant scent and can be used on yourself, your family and your horses.

You can adjust its performance to what you need. You may find a 50% dilution will still provide sufficient repellency. After you use up your first quart spray bottle, don’t throw it away. Instead refill it from the 3 quart EZ refill pouch.