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Brittany Pozzi Hackamore

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  • Rubber Covered Nose
  • Sterling Sliver Shank and Chain
  • Aggressively Curved Shank
  • BPB-101

This Hackamore designed by World Champion Barrel Racer Brittany Pozzi is designed specifically for barrel horses. It's going to give you the "whoa" you need while allowing your free runner to do just that, run free. As well, you won't get your horse shaking their head if you get in their face and they come in hot.At only 27 years old Brittany already has two barrel racing World Championship titles to her name. She has been competing in rodeo events since 1995 and in 2011 helped her horse ?Yeah He?s Firen? to earn a Horse of the Year title from the AQHA. Brittany is known for meticulous care of her horses and has partnered with Professional?s Choice to create her own line of bits that are designed to maximize both effectiveness and comfort in the horse.

?This is my favorite bit in my collection. I have ridden two different horses to world titles using this hackamore. "The hackamore is great for a horse that just needs some guiding around the turn or one that does not like a bit in its mouth. The side pull action on the shank makes it easy for your horse to work without getting in its way and gives you a small amount of lift. The rubber covered metal nose piece gives it great balance on the horse?s nose and more control for those long runs to the barrel.? ?Brittany Pozzi