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Bob Avila Large Hinged Correction Bit

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Bob Avila


Correction Bit


2" Ported Mouth




With over 37 World Champion or Reserve World Champion titles in events ranging from performance to haler, Bob Avila is acknowledged by his peers as one of the most versatile and accomplished horsemen. When this man makes a correction bit, it does exactly what it's made to do...correct. This bit is not only beautiful but it has superior functionality. The 2" high port offers more control for horses that pull on the bit. The mouth is 5" and the cheeks are 7 1/4". This bit is also fairly heavy, weighing in at 2 pounds, there is some meaning when you pull back!! But, the four moving parts allow the horse to respond to subtle rein pressure. There are copper inlay rollers in the mouth that encourage salivation.