Black Velvet Dye

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Style #: BV

  • Sullivan Supply
  • Infuses the hair with more softness, body, and an incredible shine
  • Easily spray through a trigger spray bottle
  • Two 4 oz. bottle kit
  • BV

Black Velvet is designed specifically for cattle hair. Black Velvet hair dye turns grey, red-tinted or faded hair into a beautiful jet-black color. Black Velvet infuses the hair with more softness, body, and an incredible shine. Black Velvet is much easier to use, lasts longer, takes less product to dye an animal, has better color, and costs less then Young Color II. There is no need to mix Black Velvet with Kleen Sheen

Black Velvet will easily spray through a trigger spray bottle. Very easy to use. Apply at home to clean, dry hair. You will need 3 to 4 kits of Black Velvet for a 1,000 pound animal. Simply combine the entire contents of the Dye (black bottle) and Activator (red bottle) into a spray bottle or blower fogger, shake well and apply liberally onto hair coat. Gently work into hair coat with a Stimulator Comb. Leave the dye in the hair for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse out with water until the water runs clear. Will not towel off. For long lasting beauty and color, Black Velvet is truly brilliant.