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BB Satin Star Cotton Sheets (12 per roll)

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    •  BB Satin Star
    • 12 sheets per roll
    • Use under bandages on legs 
    • Multiple use disposable cotton sheets
    • 30"x36"
    • Uniform thickness for smooth wraps
    • Features Glanzen finish for easy handling
    • High absorbancy
    • 13287667

    These sheets are used under bandages on legs.Quality leg wrap for standing dressings, jumping wraps, and shipping wraps. Exclusive Glazene finish for easier handling. Uniform thickness for smooth, even-pressured wrap. Seamless design won't chafe or rub. extra-dense fiber structure protects and cushions leg. Layered-sheet construction holds heat while providing high absorbency.

    12 Standard leg wrap sheets: 30" X 36"