Bayer Patriot Defense System Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags

Bayer Patriot Defense System Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags

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  • For use with both beef and non-lactating dairy cattle primarily for the control of horn flies
  • Controls horn flies, Gulf Coast ticks and spinose ear ticks
  • Only insecticide ear tag on the market that contains 40% diazinon
  • Effective against pyrethroid-resistant horn flies for up to five months
  • Aids in the control of face flies, lice, stable flies and house flies
  • For use with the Allflex Universal Total Tagger, including red pins and black clips
  • Not for use on this pest in California
  • Optimum control: attach 1 tag/ear (2/animal); Adequate control: attach 1 tag/animal
  • 20 count ear tags per box
  • 17415474

Active Ingredient:                           By Weight
Diazinon (CAS #333-41-5) ................. 40.0%
Other Ingredients ................................. 60.0%
Total ...................................................... 100.0%

For use on Beef and Non-Lactating Dairy Cattle to control of Horn Flies (including pyrethroid resistant populations), Gulf Coast Ticks, Spinose Ear Ticks, and as an aid to control Face Flies, Lice, Stable Flies, and House Flies.

Not for use on the following pest in California:
Spinose Ear Ticks, Lice, Stable Flies, and House Flies

Contains closed tip rivets

Apply with Allflex Blunt Pen

This pesticide is high toxic to birds, fish, and other wildlife. Do not apply directly to water. Do not contaminate water by disposal of used tags.

It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Reformulation or repackaging of this product is prohibited.
For adequate control of horn flies, attached one tag per animal. For optimum control of horn flies, control of ear ticks, and as an aid in the control of face flies, lice, stable flies, and house flies, attach one tag to each ear (two per animal). Replace as necessary. PATRIOT tags have been proven to be effective against pyrethroid resistant horn flies for up to five months. Calves less than 3 months of ag should not be tagged as ear damage may result. Remove tag prior to slaughter.

Net Weight: 15 grams per tag.