Barstow Pro-Rodeo Superior Bull Rowels

Barstow Pro-Rodeo Superior Bull Rowels

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Style #: 620-1309

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  • Barstow
  • Bull Riding Rowel
  • 5-point
  • 1-1/4 inch Diameter
  • Helps Grip Bull's Hide
  • 620-1309

Barstow Pro-Rodeo Equipment

Barstow Pro-Rodeo Superior Bull Rowel. This spur rowel is theultimate in gripping the bull?s hide. Precision machined with a taperedre-curve on each rowel point and well positioned slots at the very endof each point. These rowels are sold as a pair and measures 1-1/4 indiameter.

Neil Barstow started making highquality, custom rodeo gear over 30 years ago. The first few years, saleswere made to other cowboys at rodeos where he was competing in barebackand bull riding. As word spread, the demand continued to grow. Today,our equipment is still handmade one item at a time, in our shop inCorsicana, Texas. Neil continues to be a driving force in Barstow ProRodeo Equipment, along with daughter and son-in-law Erica and BrentHodge, and a handful of dedicated employees. Our goal is, and always hasbeen, to build the best equipment made. We are one of the few outletsfor rodeo gear where you can actually call and talk to the craftsman whois building your order. This is important in a time when much of therodeo equipment available is mass-produced here and in foreigncountries. You, the customer are always #1 to us, whether you are abeginner or a seasoned professional. Satisfaction is our top priority.

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