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Banixx for Chixx Spray

by Banixx
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  • Topical anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Non-toxic
  • First-aid
  • Steroid free
  • Antibiotic free
  • 075035

 Banixx for Chixx is a topical anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, non-toxic First-aid spray for  myriad of chicken/poultry problems such as Pecking Sores, Raw Vent Area Injuries, Bumble foot, Fowl Pox, Fungus, Chicken Foot/Leg injuries, Wound care and  host of other cuts, scrapes & abrasion.  Our solution is steroid-free and antibiotic-free with no added dyes and is completely safe for use around the eyes.  Also good for disinfecting incubators, nest boxes and brooders.  Product is 100% USA made.