Augus Silversmith's Copper Floral with Turquoise Stone Concho

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Style #: C388

  • Augus Silversmith's
  • Copper Flower Center
  • Turquoise Stone Accents
  • Round Concho Shape
  • 1 1/2 inch
  • Antique Silver Dot Border
  • Handcrafted from high quality german silver and copper
  • Great concho replacement for your saddle or tack set
  • C388

Augus Silversmiths 1 1/2 inch Turquoise Dot With Silver Flower Concho, C388

"We focus on creating high quality accessories and pride ourselves in the craftsmanship put into each one of our pieces. Our accessories are all handcrafted by our skilled workers. Each piece is personally punched, cut, soldered, engraved, polished, plated and lacquered. They are crafted from german silver, copper, jeweler’s bronze and brass. Once the piece is polished and perfected it is cleaned and plated. In order to ensure high quality products we use a five staged platting process. We take the piece through two copper, one nickel and two silver electroplating processes depending on the final appearance desired for each piece. Finally, to ensure the product’s life span we apply a translucent heat sealed lacquer."