Allflex White Maxi 1-25 Tags

by Allflex
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Style #: GXF025/GSM-W

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  • Global Maxi Female:
    • Our most popular size for both mature cattle and calves
    • Laser-ink management number standard
    • Excellent for beef and dairy cattle
    • Packaged standard with Global Small Male
    • 3" Wide x 4" High 
    • 1 3/4" (1-3 digits)
  • Global Small Male:
    • Self-Piercing tip
    • Engineered for superior retention
    • 1 3/16" Diameter x 7/8" Shaft, closed tip
  • Numbers 1-25
  • White
  • GXF025/GSM-W

The Global Maxi Female is ideal for applications in dairy and long fed markets. It makes a great cattle tag.

The Global Small Male Button is an essential tag for almost every Allflex female tag application, the component that brings your animal ID system together.

The Global Small Male Button provides the highest retention levels in the market. The blind metal male tip locks securely into the female tag component.