5 Star Equine Products Supplies Inc. 5 Patriot Hind Splint Boots with Turquoise Indiano Pull Tabs

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Style #: 5S20R-L-1-S39

  • 5 Star Equine Products
  • Patriot Splint Boots prodive the protection and support that your equine athelete needs and deserves
  • Hind 2 Pack
  • Custom Turquoise Indiano Pull Tabs
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  • Sizes available: Medium and Large
  • low profile support that provides protection with equal support originating at the base of the fetlock.
  • equal length fetlock support straps allow the user to adjust the angle and amount of support specific to the horse
  • eliminates pull in one direction on tendons and ligaments commonly seen with "sling" strap support boots
  • constructed of 100% orthopedic grade neoprene with matching hook and loop
  • machine washable
  • 5S20R-L-1-S39

The 5 Star Equine Products PATRIOT Sport Boot provides the protection and support that your equine athlete needs and deserves! This boot is constructed of 100% orthopedic grade neoprene. Mashine washable but must be laid flat to dry, it CANNOT be put in the dryer.


Sizing: Measure around the leg halfway between the knee and the fetlock.

Small - 7" & Under • Medium - 8" & Under • Large - 9" & Under • X-Large - 10" & Under