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NRS Event Center

The NRS Event Center is the core of the NRS Ranch. NRS Ranchers train and keep horses at the arena to use for a variety of events and training. The NRS Event Center is also the host of weekly ropings, barrel races, practices, private/public events and a variety of clinics.

Upcoming Events
Straight UP Productions Jackpot
Thursday, JAN 26, 2023
309 CR 4228, Decatur, TX 76234

Books Open 6PM | Rope 7PM : #7 capped at a 4, 3HD, P1 | Close 7:45 | Rope 8PM #9 capped at a 5E, 4HD, P1 : Enter 1 Draw 1 for $100 / man, can enter add-ons up to 3 times for a total of 6 runs at $50 a man. 1 second off for every whole number under. For more info please click below!
OTRA : District #9
Saturday, JAN 28 , 2023
309 CR 4228, Decatur, TX 76234

Book opens 9AM | Rope at 10AM : Membership required, sold on site! #1.0, Beginner #2.0, #2.5, #3.5 and $4.5 Slide. All ropings Pick 1 / Draw 1 (or draw 2) then add picks after draw for 10 runs max. #1 & Beginner are 3 head, all others 4 head. All progressive after 1. #3.5 & below $100/man for P1 / D1 then $50/man after. Stock Charge 35%. #4.5 Slide $120/man for P1 / D1 then $60/an after. 80% Payback. Buckles, cash & more awarded at district finals! For more info call Justin McCright 817-470-3630 OR Monty Stockard 940-781-9358
Breakaway & Tie Down Jackpots : TD American Qualifiers
Monday, JAN 30, 2023
309 CR 4228, Decatur, TX 76234

INDOOR ARENA : Open Breakaway Books will start at 6:30PM followed by Open Tie Down! Each roping is 2 for $120 and can enter up to 3X. Both ropings are WCRA approved with optional American Qualifier for the TD ONLY at $375. JAN 9th & JAN 16th are TD American Qualifiers. For more info please click the links below or contact Dirk Webb at 940-391-8714
NRS Events Clinics


Every horseman can be a better horseman. We believe that there are always new things to learn. Our instructors are happy to share their knowledge and understanding of horses. Our guarantee is that every student who comes to an NRS Event with a willingness to listen will go home with at least one thing they can employ to be better than before they came.

Based on the great response we receive from each clinic and our multiple clinic attendees, we are convinced people learn something each time they come.


Located 4 miles south of Decatur, Texas on Hwy. 287, the state-of-the-art NRS Event Center is located on the 400+ acre Ranch, just one hour from the DFW Airport and 35 minutes north of the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. Housed under one roof, the training center encompasses a 300′ x 150′ arena with cattle working pens, 56 stalls, wash racks, viewing areas, kitchen, meeting area and much more! Everything is designed and laid out for your comfort and convenience to make your experience with us the best it can possibly be.

Stay a While

You can come to a clinic, hook up your trailer for the weekend or bunk in one of our traditional western style bunkhouses or cabins. Both are conveniently located next to the NRS Event Center. There are over 100 safe, well-maintained stalls and turnout areas to keep your horse. Grab a bite to eat at the NRS Cookhouse. Even if you’re just traveling through and need a place to stay, let us know. Hookups and bunkhouses are not included in the price of the clinics.