Horse Boarding Program

Stall Facilities

  • 8 - 16’ x 16’ main NRS Event Center & arena stalls (Stall #6 - #13)
    $900.00 per month
    (3 or more horses 10% discount available)
  • 8 - 16’ x 16’ w/30’ runs NRS Event Center & lower barn stalls (Stall #1 - #8)
    $1000.00 per month
    (3 or more horses 10% discount)
  • Concrete aisle for optimal respiratory environment

Ranch & Riding Amentities

  • Access to 144’ x 300’ covered, lighted and groomed arena with wind screens
    (must schedule arena)
  • Access to 150’ x 300’ lighted outdoor arena
  • Access to 60’ open side round pen
  • Access to 400 acres of Texas rolling hills and valleys near the historic Chisolm Trail
  • Priefert programmable panel walker with daily exercise routine
  • Pasture turnout available (availability dependent upon horses disposition)
  • Trailer parking (owner must provide hitch lock with combination)

Equine Care

  • 24 hour onsite equine staff who perform nightly checks
  • American Wood Fibers fine pine shavings for optimal absorbency with minimal to no dust (10 bags per stall average)
    • Stalls cleaned twice daily
  • Winter blankets and sheets on and off at 55° temperature rise and fall
    (blanket furnished by client)
  • Summer fly sheets & masks (sheet & mask furnished by client)
  • 24 hour automatic fly & mosquito control mister system
  • Daily head to tail grooming and full body inspection
  • 24 hour hot & cold wash rack with plumbed eZall foaming system
  • Year round weekly bathing (winter weather permitting)
  • Saddling service
    • Additional $5/request or $150.00/month for walker routine
  • Farrier service
    • Additional $110 regular set on a 6 week interval, corrective and plates available for additional fees
  • Veterinarian services (additional charges quoted by need. Outlaw Equine hospital located 1.7 miles to the west of the NRS Ranch)
  • Emergency ambulatory delivery service to Outlaw Equine hospital (rates subject to hours and circumstance)
  • horse-boarding1 horse-boarding2


    • Gravity flow automatic waterers
    • Three meals a day (2% of body weight all natural roughage program which is based on the horse’s actual weight taken upon arrival)
      • Alfalfa hay 5:00 AM (avg. 10-12 lbs.)
      • Bermuda grass hay 12:00 PM (avg. 5 lbs.)
      • Alfalfa & Purina Enrich Plus mineral 5:30 PM (avg. 10-12 lbs. & 1 lb. of Enrich Plus)
    • Free choice loose salt
    • Additional feed or supplements provided at client expense

    Pro Series Horseman Discounts on NRS Event Center Practice Availability

    • Practice sessions available for riding, roping, running barrels, running poles, trail, and cow horse work. All practices are based on arena event schedule.
      • Roping practice for boarder and one guest, $100/hr with 1 hr minimum. NRS pre-wrapped cattle provided with Chute Help brand automatic chute. Additional guest ropers are $75/hr with maximum of 3 guests or 4 total ropers.
      • Cowhorse practice for boarder and one guest, $80/hr with 2 hr minimum. NRS beef cattle provided.
      • Cutting practice for boarder and four guests, $300/hr with 1 hr minimum. NRS beef cattle provided.
      • Barrel, Poles, and Trail practice for boarder and one guest, M-F $50/hr with 1 hr minimum. Sat/Sun $75/hr with 1 hr minimum.
        (Additional fees for dragging and timer usage.)
      • Bring additional practice guests (up to 3, with maximum of 4 total riders including the boarder) for $75/hr.
    • Private horsemanship lessons with Kinzee Shull, M-F $50/hr with 1 hr minimum. Sat/Sun $75/hr with 1 hr minimum—all lessons based on arena event schedule.
    • Roping lessons with Clay Burnham, M-F $120/hr with 2 hr minimum. Also offering: semi-private lessons (3.5 hours) for $400 and full day (7 hours) private lessons for $600—all lessons based on arena event schedule.

    Google Calendar for Arena Availability

    Arena will be open from 6 AM - 10 PM based on Arena Event Schedule

    NRS Arena Event Calendar

    Please email NRSevents@NRSworld.com or call 940-393-7019 to make your reservations.

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