Amish Hand-crafted Leather Tack - The NRS Story

IN 2014 we began our quest to fill the marketplace with quality tack at an honest price.  The Amish family that builds all of our NRS Tack does just that by methodically handcrafting each item. For example, we’ve precisely counted the stitches per inch on a headstall to make sure they lay flat, yet do not hinder the strength of the leather by getting them too close together, thus causing the leather to rip. Another example would be that we dip our split reins, in oil for just the right amount of seconds, to ensure we achieve the correct feel, already broke-in right from the start. We’ve built a partnership with the Amish craftsmen that brainstorms and brings out the best in one another.

Our craftsmen are second and third generation leather makers who have a passion for top-quality materials that create a top-quality piece of tack! Each item goes through at least ten hands until it is a finished product. We take pride in evaluating each step of the process. For instance, we believe having just the right amount of holes in a headstall will allow our customers to use it on several horses, achieving just the right fit for each of them. Our split reins are skillfully hand-cut, paired, hand-edged and rubbed, one pair at a time with waxes and oils. NRS Tack is made in the USA using only the best leathers from Hermann Oak Leather Company and other top-end suppliers. From cinches to headstalls, breast collars to connector straps, hobbles to curb straps – we develop quality tack for horsemen in or out of the arena.