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Horse Polo Wraps

Provide optimal ligament protection and leg support for your horses with horse polo wraps from NRS. Our premium polo wraps for horses are professionally designed to prevent terrain irritation and keep your horses healthy and performing at their peak during training, longeing, and turnout sessions. With an array of classic and colorful polo wraps to choose from, explore our entire selection of equine polo wraps for sale below and pair your purchase with our protective horse boots.

Protective polo wraps for horses

Protect Your Horse’s Health & Unlock Their Performance Potential with Polo Wraps from NRS

As riders ourselves, we take immense pride in protecting the health and well-being of our horses—and we know you feel the same. Our trusted selection of horse polo wraps for sale will ensure your horses have the leg and ligament support and protection they need to stay balanced, avoid injury, and function at their peak performance during training, longeing, jumping, and turnout sessions. With reliable options ranging from finely crafted fleece horse polos to innovative cooling polo wraps, NRS is proud to be America’s #1 provider of high-performance polo wraps for horses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Polo Wraps for Horses

What are Polo Wraps Used For?

Polo wraps provide tendon support and leg protection for young horses that are still developing full control of their bodies and active horses that are involved in jumping, training, longeing, and turnout sessions. Polo leg wraps are most commonly constructed from fleece, though there are also special cooling horse polos made from weaver leather, which can be found in our polo wrap collection above.

How To Polo Wrap a Horse?

Because polo wraps play such a pivotal part in a horse’s leg support and stabilization, there are several critical steps involved in this wrapping process. Choosing the right placement for your horse’s polo wrap, applying the correct amount of compression, and rolling your wraps in the correct manner requires accuracy, precision, and attunement to your horse’s performance demands. With your horse's health at stake, we recommend checking out this detailed horse polo wrapping walkthrough.

How To Wash Polo Wraps?

Unless explicitly stated on the care label, horse polo wraps can be machine washed with regular laundry detergent on a gentle cycle. Due to their unique exposure to dirt, hair, and grime, it's best to wash equine polo wraps separately from your own clothes. And though regular detergent works well for most horses, baby detergent is recommended when washing polo wraps for horses with sensitive and/or irritable skin.