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Men’s Western Belts & Cowboy Buckles

Tie Your Entire Western Look Together with Classic & Modern Cowboy Belts & Buckles from NRS

Western boots, shirts, jeans, and hats are all essential items to the true Western man, but without a western belt and buckle, the entire ensemble tends to crumble. Moreover, picking out a stylish men’s western belt and cowboy buckle is an opportunity to showcase your personality and accent your Western outfit in a way that is authentic to who you are. And with so many available sizes, colors, and classic and modern styles to choose from, you can find the perfect Western style belts and buckles to tie your Western look together when you shop online with NRS.

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Cowboy Belts & Western Buckles

Why Are Cowboy Buckles So Big?

The prominent size of cowboy buckles is rooted in traditional cowboy culture. From the earliest days of cowboys, Men’s western buckles were used as a symbol of individuality—essentially serving as a trophy of sorts. Through the years men’s cowboy buckles have scaled down in size, though there remains no shortage of large Western style buckles on the market, or within our popular NRS collection.

How to Put Your Belt Buckle on Your Western Belt

Cowboy buckles attach to cowboy belts by having the belt feed through the back of its hoops or rings—which often offer a snap-on functionality.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Leather Western Belts for Men?

With our wide selection of leather men’s Western belts in different sizes, colors, and styles, NRS is home to many of the most popular Western belts for men on the market. And with our commitment to sourcing long-lasting cowboy belts crafted with the highest quality leather, our speedy shipping, and our personalized customer service, you can be sure that your men’s Western style belt purchase will provide you the best possible value when you order online from NRS.