Stafix Fence Alert Warning Light

by Stafix
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Style #: 804565

Fence Alert

  • Warning light begins flashing when voltage is too low
  • Visible up to one mile away
  • Rugged impact and water resistant case
  • Can be used on any type of electric fence including steel or aluminum wire and on portable poli products
  • Works with all energizers 
  • No ground wires or external power sources required
  • Typical battery life 5 years on standby or up to 2 weeks of continuous flashing 
  • Two preset voltage triggers can be selected 

1 Year Warranty ** 

  For over 50 years, Stafix by Tru-Test Group has delivered strong, reliable electric fence products to farmers for pasture management and animal containment.

Tru-Test Group, the company behind Stafix, is a world leader in electric fencing and traditional fencing tools, helping ensure animals are contained and pastures are managed for sustainable, profitable results.

The company is also the world’s leading manufacturer of livestock weigh scale indicators and milk metering equipment. Almost four out of every five livestock weigh scales and milk meters sold in the world today bear the name Tru-Test.

Tru-Test Group brands are available in over 130 countries worldwide. For more than a century products from the Tru-Test Group have been well tested by people on the land. The result is products and services uniquely attuned to farmers, and livestock producers needs wherever they may be in the world.