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Western Chinks & Cowboy Chaps for Sale

Whether you need quality rodeo chaps for competition season or comfortable cowboy chaps for ranch work, NRS has what you need. We know how important it is to have Western chaps that protect your legs while you're riding the range or roping a steer.

Choose from high-quality Western chaps from the top names in cowboy gear. If you're looking for Western chinks, we can help you there, too. We have an extensive selection of chinks and cowboy chaps for sale – including working cowboy chaps like our NRS Ranch Hand Tan Oiled Chaps – plus women's Western chaps and NRS Youth Leather Chinks.

Measuring to Get the Perfect-Fitting Ranch Chaps

Before you order your NRS Day Worker Parchment Chaps or other ranch chaps, you'll need to take a few measurements to ensure you get the correct size. You'll be asked to supply your inseam, waist and upper thigh measurements. To measure your upper thigh for Western chaps, go up about two-thirds of the way from your knee to the top of your thigh. This will leave enough room at the top of your chaps to move comfortably.

How Western Chaps Are Worn

If you've never worn rodeo chaps before (and you don't want to ask 'cause you don't want to tip off that you're a novice), we can help. Here's how it's done:

  1. Put on the clothes you'll wear under the Western chaps, including your boots.
  2. Buckle the chaps around your waist. Position the buckle so it's comfortable for you (on top of, above or below your pants belt buckle). Adjust the buckle for comfort.
  3. Unzip the first chap and pull it around your leg.
  4. Pull down the zipper to secure the chap to your leg.
  5. Fasten any snaps below the zipper (if applicable).
  6. Repeat with the other leg of your chaps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cowboy Chaps and Chinks

These are answers to some of the questions we've had about Western chaps. We're always happy to help with information about our products and services, so please reach out if you need anything.

What Are Chaps?

Chaps are made of a durable material that's designed to protect your legs as you ride for work or in rodeo shows. Included in a pair of working cowboy chaps is a belt that's attached to leggings typically made of leather and often decorated with fringe. Cowboy chaps are made to wear over your pants, have no seat and are not joined at the crotch.

What's the Difference Between Chinks and Chaps?

Short for "Chinkaderos," a name that only dates back to the last century, chinks are used for both decorative and practical purposes. The difference between chinks and chaps is that chaps are longer than chinks, which generally end somewhere between your knee and your ankle.

Why Do Cowboys Wear Chaps?

Ranch chaps are worn to protect a cowboy's legs from exposure to the environmental hazards they face every day. Whether managing cattle, horses or other livestock, working cowboy chaps protect the rider's legs from abrasions caused by thorny vegetation like brush, mesquite and cactus thorns. Chaps also protect against burns that sometimes occur during branding and help prevent injury while lassoing cattle. Lastly, chaps provide an extra layer of warmth in cold conditions.

Protect Yourself in Style With Cowboy Chaps From NRS

NRS provides you with high-quality cowboy chaps that are well-made to protect you in rough conditions – and look great while they're doing it. You'll appreciate your Western chaps from NRS every time you ride in the rodeo arena or work the ranch. Check out our selection and find your favorite cowboy chaps for sale – and all the Western gear you need – at NRS today!

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