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Rodeo to Retail: BEX Brand

Rodeo to Retail: BEX Brand

Written by NRS Influencer Barrett Houser

Who wouldn't want to look stylish on a beautiful sunny day, riding a horse through the pasture, branding calves or spinning a few steers in the practice pen? This is the time BEX Sunglasses shine bright (pun intended).

The American brand that so many of us choose to shield our eyes during those long days in the arena started back in 2009 when cowboy Jason Adams created what was needed on the rodeo circuit – comfortable and affordable performance eyewear. Since then, BEX has become the fastest-growing eyewear company.

Let's be honest; looks matter. Even more important is not overpaying for uncomfortable designer sunglasses just because your favorite celebrity was sporting a pair on "Rodeo Dr."

The number one selling BEX design is Ranger XL, which comes in various colors to fit any preference. Think Tom Cruise in aviators but more sleek and functional.

One of my personal favorites is the Free Byrd in Tortoise/Brown. This pair of glasses is super sturdy, with minimal movement on the face, and it has been highly durable even through the harshest of conditions.

Barrett Houser
NRS Influencer Barrett Houser

Get a Pair of BEX & More at NRS

You can find BEX sunglasses and caps online at NRS. With new styles and designs readily available, it's easy to find BEX accessories as hardworking as you are.

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