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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

May we know her.
May we be her.
May we raise her. 


Have you ever felt like you’ve been somewhere in your life that just felt right? Meaning a season, chapter, moment, or place that was exactly where God intended you to be. Well I have, and writing this Mother’s day blog feels like one of those moments for me. I’ve struggled all week putting pen to paper and millions of thoughts and ideas into just the right words. As a mother myself of two handsome, wild, young boys and being in the western industry there is truly a million different ways I could go with this. But for me, I feel as if my heart is being led to showcase ALL moms. I know that sounds a little vague. What I really mean is all of the moms who may not physically have a child or two, or twenty (hey! To each their own, right?) by their side. Or if you’re like me, in front of them since I’m constantly cleaning/picking up behind them it seems. I want to recognize all of the cattle moms, dog moms, horse moms, and whatever other adorable living thing a hardworking, loving woman pours into. On top of all of the beautiful, strong, wearer of many hats moms, show moms, ranch moms, rodeo moms, full time working moms, stay at home moms, or that mom that may not know which category she falls into yet. Or maybe even that mom that falls into all of them! WE SEE YOU! We see all of you, and more than ever in a world filled with hard working women, WE APPRECIATE YOU! We appreciate all of you and all of the blood, sweat, and tears as well as all of the sleepless nights and early wake ups. Just to feed or fill waters or haul across country to another rodeo. Or maybe something as simple as going into work for a job or career you’ve been building that helps provide for your family.

We see it, WE SEE YOU! And we are grateful for you this Mother’s day. Grateful that you are helping guide generations that will in turn pour into future generations to come. I saw a quote the other day that said “Women don’t win buckles for a clean house.”- Unknown. But in my opinion we should! After I read it I laughed a little then found myself pondering on it. Shortly realizing how the toughest battles are only given to the strongest soldiers. And you momma are strong! WE SEE YOU! WE THANK YOU! WE APPRECIATE YOU!  And through every struggle and victory all of us here at NRS are thinking of you and are here to make things a little easier with ALL THINGS WESTERN! So come shop with us this Mother’s day to find that perfect gift for ANY mother!





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