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Maintaining Equine Hydration During Your Summer Travels

Maintaining Equine Hydration During Your Summer Travels

Whether we want to admit it or not, horses can be fragile creatures. Traveling between different climates, altitudes and environments can put a lot of stress on them, especially if you are traveling during the summer when the air is at its hottest and driest. Being completely prepared for horse care in summer will help you keep your equine friend happy and healthy no matter where you go together — and the first step to maintaining their wellness is to make sure they're well-hydrated.

How Do I Know if My Horse is Dehydrated? Common Dehydrated Horse Symptoms

We all know the saying: "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink." Even in summertime, it can be a challenge to figure out how to get a horse to drink water, despite how many fluids they may have lost from sweating out on the trail. The following dehydrated horse symptoms will help you keep your horse's health in check:

  • Failed pinch test — if you pinch the skin near the base of your horse's neck for two seconds and it does not immediately return to normal when released, your horse may be dehydrated.
  • Dark urine, or lack of urination.
  • Constipation — if left unchecked, this problem could also lead to impaction colic.
  • Thick, sticky saliva, or a lack of saliva — this may also lead to loss of appetite.
  • Red, congested mucous membranes around the eyes.
  • Poor coat quality — loss of glossiness.
  • Sluggishness, fatigue and/or depression.

Hydration Products for Horse Care in Summer

Thankfully, you can keep even the most stubborn horse adequately hydrated with the equine hydration products offered at NRS. Whether you're a rodeo athlete, a trail riding enthusiast or a competitive rider preparing your horse for a major summer show, these items should be added to your packing list.

Horse Hydrator Water Filler

Have you ever traveled to a new place, tasted the water and thought to yourself, "wow, this tastes funky"? We can't read horses' minds, but we're willing to guess that unfamiliar tastes and smells can be unappetizing to them too.

The Horse Hydrator Water Filler not only rids water of unfamiliar tastes and smells, but also significantly reduces traces of chlorine, subtle heavy metals, iron and hydrogen sulfide, which are sometimes present in water. This handy gadget retails at under $25 and easily applies to the end of most water hoses so you can bring it along wherever your travels take you.

25-Gal Slant Load Water Caddy & Stand Base

Planning a cross-country road trip with your horse? Make sure you pack this slant load water caddy, which allows you to comfortably transport 25 gallons of fresh water in the tack room of your trailer.

There’s no guarantee that stops along the way will always have fresh water for your horse. This caddy allows you to take the guesswork out of planning pit stops along the way.

Water-N-Hole Slosh Proof Rim

Keep your trailer clean and your horse hydrated while you’re hauling with this slosh proof bucket rim. This product is fitted for 5-gallon, flat rimmed insulated water buckets, which is perfect for preventing water from sloshing out of your horse’s bucket while you’re en route to your next rodeo or horse show.

Retailing for $17.99, the slosh proof rim fits most 5-gallon buckets.

View More Horse Care Products Available at NRS

The above examples are just a few of the equine hydration products that can make traveling with your horse(s) easier for you and healthier for them. For more travel supplies and items for horse care in summer, view our full selection of horse care products online or visit us in stores today!

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