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How Many Ways Can You Use a Little Giant Bucket?

How Many Ways Can You Use a Little Giant Bucket?

Written by NRS Influencer Amanda Backlund with Topwind Ranch

Whether you own a ranch, have livestock, keep a few dogs or live in a city apartment, there is always the need to have a bucket handy. The uses are endless – they hold, carry, scoop, dump, organize, collect and contain anything you can think of!

Little Giant shared 52 Uses for your Little Giant Bucket, some of which are pretty interesting. It just goes to show how many ways you can end up using your bucket!

Little Giant buckets come in many different shapes and sizes, and each type has its benefits. In addition to standard round buckets, there are options with flat backs, hanging hooks, double handles – you can even find designs that can be mounted on the wall or put in the corner.

Who Is Little Giant?

Little Giant is a market leader with over 80 years of history. Although they didn't start out making buckets, nowadays, you will see Little Giant buckets in farm and ranch stores across the US. You can find a wide variety of their products at NRS, including:

  • Muck Buckets
  • Dura Totes
  • DuraForks
  • Feed Scoops
  • Poultry Feeders & Waterers

Little Giant takes pride in their reputation. Their success story began in 1941 when they started with a few poultry founts and has grown to over 900 products. Their products are known for being tough and durable, essential attributes for the hobby farmers and ranchers they serve.

Amanda and Horse
NRS Influencer Amanda Backlund
Amanda's Bucket

Favorite Products for the Hobby Horse Farm or Ranch

Little Giant's line of products comes in every color you can think of, making it easy to color coordinate each horse with their buckets and products or pick your favorite color for the whole barn! Here are a few of my favorite Little Giant products.

  • 20 Quart Flat Back Plastic Bucket. This style is the workhorse (pun intended) on the ranch. It's pretty standard to see this style hanging in stalls for water. The notch in the handle makes it easy to hang, and the flat back keeps it lying nicely in place on the wall or fence. Most equestrians will grab this bucket style when traveling or heading to a show with their horses. They stack easily and don't get stuck together when it's time to use them. Pair it with a bucket strap to hang it on your trailer, so your horse can access water while they wait!
  • 3 Quart Plastic Enclosed Feed Scoop. These scoops come in handy in so many ways. Measure your horses' feed and get the same size scoop every time. Adding supplements is no problem because the flat bottom allows you to set it down without spilling. Besides feed, you can use these for various purposes, animal-related or otherwise. Scoop and sprinkle salt on an icy walkway, or scrape and clean out a coop or small animal cage.
  • 12 Quart Plastic Hook-Over Feeder. Having a hanging hook-over feeder is a must for any hobby farm. Instead of searching for feed pans across the pasture, you can easily hang them on the fence so your animals can eat, and you can access their bucket without going into their pasture! They are also handy for hanging a quick water bucket in a temporary pen or ensuring each animal gets its supplements or medicine, as you can hook this feeder up high so they can't dump it over with their hooves!

Find Little Giant Products at NRS

While most of us don't think about buckets and scoops too much, it never fails – you will need one at some point. Be sure to stop into NRS or shop online, so you are ready for your next feeding or cleaning session. No matter what it is, Little Giant can handle the job!

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