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Fun & Unique Horse Gifts for the Holidays

Fun & Unique Horse Gifts for the Holidays

When you're making your Christmas shopping list this holiday season, don't forget about horse gifts for your beloved equine friends! While Western wear and coffee mugs won't give them something to neigh about, horse Christmas gifts like enrichment toys and activities are just the things to make them prance with excitement. Keep reading for the unique horse gift ideas for Christmas and beyond.

Tack Supply Gifts for Your Horse

While you may have all the tack and supplies you need for your horse, it's always nice to get something new and fresh. Equine gifts like a new saddle pad or a beautiful wool saddle blanket will help your horse look great and stay comfortable when you're riding. Winter turnouts are more enjoyable with a cozy winter blanket. And a new saddle is a horse Christmas present that you both can enjoy.

Enrichment Gifts for Horses

Even if you are riding your horse regularly, they can still get a little bored just standing around in their stall. Treat them to toys and snacks to reduce stall vices and add a little excitement to their day.

  • KONG® Equine Hanging Kit with Treat Ring - Definitely one of the best horse gifts ever made! Stuff this nearly indestructible toy full of carrots, hay and treats and your horse will be entertained for hours! You can hang it up or let them chase it on the ground to encourage natural grazing behavior.
  • Horse Cookies - It wouldn't be Christmas without cookies, so make sure you have some baked gifts for your horse too. They are cheap horse gifts that are sure to please.
  • Mega Jolly Balls - If you're looking for some good horse gifts to encourage exercising, look no further. These giant balls provide hours of active fun! Horses like to kick, chase and buck when playing with them, and you'll love watching too.
  • Scratching Post - Horses love to scratch, so they will appreciate this horse gift idea. You can buy one or easily make one yourself out of a broom head for a cheap horse gift that will provide satisfying scratches.

Cheap Horse Gifts Your Horse Will Love

Horse gifts can be costly, but these thoughtful gifts for your horse won't break the bank and are sure to make your animal friend very happy.

  • Horse Treats - Snacks are the obvious choice for cheap horse gifts because you can get healthy and delicious treats for only a few dollars.
  • Festive Horse Clothing - Your horse will be the merriest equine in the barn with a Santa hat of his or her own. Add a matching halter cover and saddle pad cover for a complete outfit.
  • Hoof Dressing - Just like we could always use some soothing lotion, hoof oil helps restore dry and brittle hooves.
  • Carrot Garland - Create a braid out of rope, then tuck carrots in between the strands. String the garland across the paddock wall or fashion it into a festive wreath shape.
  • Rock on a Rope - Treat your horse to a natural boredom buster that provides essential trace minerals and tastes great.

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Last Minute Horse Christmas Gifts

Are you almost out of time and looking for the best horse gifts in a hurry? Fast electronic gift cards are the perfect gifts for horses when you can't squeeze in a trip to the store.

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We hope our list of unique horse gift ideas inspired you to find that perfect gift for your horse. We pride ourselves on always having the best selection of gifts for horses — and their owners. Stock up on the best equine gifts for every occasion today!

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