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Women's Anderson Bean Black Full Quill Ostrich Cowgirl Boots

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Style #: 4122M

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  • NRS Exclusive 
  • Women's
  • Black Full Quill Ostrich
  • 13" Gold Del Gato Top 
  • Broad square toe
  • Walking heel
  • Nailed on heel
  • Nailed on heel caps
  • Pull Tabs
  • Doube Stitched Welt 
  • Cushin insole 
  • Leather Lined 
  • 4122m

Whether you are looking for a dress boot or a barn boot, this boots will fill your need for a black boot in your closet.

NRS Exclusives are boots we proudly bring to you as boots you won’t, and can’t find anywhere else. These unique boots are high-quality, highly functional boots made to fit our trend-setting customers’ lifestyles. Customers at NRS appreciate the fact that the NRS Exclusive boots have been made exclusively for them, and find it refreshing to see boots that are not in the market on a large scale – most NRS Exclusives are only available in limited quantities. The amount of care, passion and dedication put into an NRS Exclusive boot should ensure our customers only receive the best.

For over 150 years, Anderson Bean Boots have been a leader in quality boot making. Anderson Bean is one of the last cowboy boot makers around to use channeled welt construction in the leather insole, resulting in a low profile. Other unique construction features are steel shanks for arch support and lemon wood pegs in the arch area. Unlike a nail, wooden pegs enable the sole of the boot to adjust naturally to changes in temperature and moisture. Anderson Bean Cowboy Boots are have a distinctive and comfortable fit, whether working behind a desk or on the back of a horse.