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Weaver Leather Turquoise Cross Navajo Arrow Headstall

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Style #: 45000-01-00

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  • Weaver Leather
  • Dark Oiled Leather
  • Carved Design
  • Turquoise Hand Painted Arrows
  • Beaded Inlay
  • Genuine Cowhide
  • Non-rust Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Designer Buckles
  • 45000-00-01

Horsemenof long ago adorned both themselves and their mounts with the esteemedturquoise stone to ensure safety, health and surefootedness. Keepingthis spirit alive as a tribute to these horsemen of the past, WeaverLeather set out to design a line of tack that embodies the trust andfriendship between you and your horse. The subtle turquoise-colored foilcross on each piece of Turquoise Cross tack is meant to bring blessingsand good health to you and your horse for a good ride, no matter wherethat may be. Imported under Weaver Leather's strict standards forquality, you can rest assured that this tack not only looks great, butis built to last.

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