Vogt 1.5in. American Bison Pullup Running Leaf Tooled Belt | Vogt Silversmiths | NRS

Vogt 1.5in. American Bison Pullup Running Leaf Tooled Belt

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Style #: NRS41-084

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    • Vogt
    • Hand tooled
    • American Bison
    • Running leaf pattern
    • NRS41-084

    A beautiful belt that subtly combines western tooling with an oiled American Bison pull-up leather. Normally this type of oiled leather is only found with a completely smooth surface, but our master leather craftsmen are able to delicately carve our running oak leaf pattern into each. The resulting look gives it a warm, distressed look and feel.

    Each belt is fully hand tooled and made of genuine American Bison. Its back is also lined in top grain leather and is accented with fine stitched and hand rubbed edges.

    1-1/2" straight belt - fits our 1-1/2" buckle sets. Item # NRS41-084.
    Please note that as our western leather belts are each individually cut by hand, their widths may vary slightly.