Vitalize Equine Starter Pack

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  • Biozyme
  • Exclusive through NRS
  • Vitalize Alimend 64oz
  • Vitalize Equine Digest More Plus 10lb
  • 2 tubes of Vitalize Equine Recovery Gel
  • Vitalize Horse Treats
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GIve you horse the competitive edge with the Vitalize Equine Starter Pack exclusive with NRS! 

Vitalize Equien DIgest More Plus: Pelleted top-dress for horses containing Amaferm for increased digestibility. Convenient way to enhance digestive health for horses of all ages and performance. Amaferm in a natural prebiotic designed to maximize the nutritional value of feed, increase digestion and improve gut health.

Vitalize Alimend: A natural product that provides 24/7 equine stomach comfort and relieves gastric issues commonly associated with training, traveling, and performance without altering stomach pH or hindering digestion.

Vitalize Recovery Gel: Provides faster recovery during stressful times such as high performance, antibiotic therapy, worming, surgery recovery, sickness or digestive upset such as diarrhea or the beginnings of colic.

Vitalize Horse Treats: Provides digestion and absorption support in every treat with these carrot flavored prebiotic snacks containing Amaferm.