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Vaquero Head Rope

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  • El Vaquero
  • 3-Strand
  • 100% nylon
  • Blue
  • Standard 3/8"
  • vaquerohd

How do you say reliable in Spnish? The Vaquero is a standard 3/8" rope made from a durable, 100% nylon blend with lots of body. The tight twist eliminates bounce and keeps it strong and consistent throw after throw. The Vaquero comes in a deep blue 3-strand head rope and a 4-strand heel rope, both feel just as sharp as they look.


Rope Master Curt Matthews has been making ropes since he started as a rope apprentice in 1967. Curt opened his own rope shop where he, his father and brother redisigned and fabricated a revolutionary new rope machine that would open up a whole new world of quality and efficiency. In the same rope shop Curt designed and achieved the world's first poly blend rope! 30 years later he is still at it, starting a new rope company, Top Hand Ropes.