Used 13.5in. Charlie Ridley Barrel Saddle

by Nrs
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  • Used Saddle
  • Charlie Ridley
  • Barrel Racer
  • 13.5" Inlaid Black Print
  • Rawhide covered wood tree
  • Acorn and Oak Tooling
  • 24" Skirt Length
  • 6.5" Appoximate gullet width
  • 02-156BR

        NRS takes pride in stocking used saddles that are in very good condition, we don’t trade for any saddles that have a broken tree or need significant repair.With a wide selection of brands, our goal is to allow you to find the best deal. We try to have an excellent selection in all price ranges. Before each saddle makes it to our website it will go through the following process. 


  • We will inspect the saddle tree to ensure it is not broken. Our saddle shop will repair anything we find to be damaged.
  • We will clean and oil the saddle.

  • The photos are never "photo shopped" in order to make the saddle look better, or to misrepresent it

We have been trading saddles for 30 years, and we want to trade with YOU! Our saddle team looks forward to hearing from you on your next trade in. If you are in the market for a used saddle, either if you know what you want or if you need assistance, NRS is the answer for you to find the right saddle for your needs and your budget!