Uptite Poultice 18.95lb

by Uptite
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  • Uptite
  • Effective treatment for soreness, heat and inflammation of the legs and tendons
  • Multipurpose poultice that can be used as a general antiseptic
  • Cools and soothes on contact
  • Can be used with or without bandages
  • Easily removed with water
  • 18.95lb
  • 14589126

Uptite® Poultice is a multipurpose poultice that can also be used as a general antiseptic. This 24-hour poultice provides fast, cooling action that soothes on contact. Use as a leg tightener on legs and tendons that are suffering from soreness, heat, and inflammation. It can also be used on thrush, gravel, cuts, burns, abrasions, and boils.

This classic and reliable poultice contains active ingredients that produce fast relief from swelling and soreness. One product for temporary inflammation relief, speedy healing of wounds and abscesses, and hoof packing.

Can be used alone or under bandages. Easily removed with water.

Contains aluminum silicate blended with montmorillonites and biborate of soda. Made with pure spring water.