Turdcules Pooseidon Toilet Elixir

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  • Turdcules
  • Pooseidon
  • Smells Like Sunken Ships and Drunken Sailors
  • Really Smells Like Teak Wood and Pirate Rum
  • 100+ Uses Per 2oz Bottle
  • Septtic Safe
  • Proudly Made In The USA

 In Ancient Greece, Sailors would call upon Poseidon to calm the seas and protect their ships and crews. Many a drunken sailor and cursed ship have met their demise by the wrath of the god of the sea. With Turdcules' Pooseidon Toilet Elixir, you'll reign over the porcelain ocean with the ferocity of an Olympian while the sweet smells of sunken wooden ships and tropical rum tantalize your nose-buds.