Total Lactic Care

by Ramard
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  • Ramard
  • Helps to eliminate muscle fatigue and cramping or tying up
  • Helps to eliminate body and back soreness
  • Includes powerful Branch Chain Amino Acids
  • Support muscle function and recovery after strenuous work
  • Helps combat muscle damage that leads to stiffness and lameness
  • Supports reduced lactic acids concentration
  • Helps maintain energy and stamina
  • Contains no prohibited substances
  • 25 gram single serving packet
  • 079219

Total Lactic Care with Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) provides critical support to the muscles of performance horses and helps to eliminate muscle fatigue and cramping or tying up. This unique formula supports the release of cellular energy and reduction of lactic acid concentration during exercise. It is also highly beneficial for aging horses or horses in rehabilitation to support muscle function and recovery. Total Lactic Care will support increased oxygen uptake and reduced heart rate.