Tod Slone Gen-Pro S 7/8in. Barrel Felt Saddle Pad

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Style #: TS-GPB

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  • "The Next Generation of Slone Saddle Pads"
  • PROtective against dirt & hair with the NEW 100% wool liner that is 62% more dense than most other wool saddle pads
  • PROficient design for enhanced durability, no more pinched withers on your horses as there is no wither cut on this pad
  • Breathable in cold and warm weather
  • Contoured Spine of the pad
  • Buy one today and experience the difference of these pads with the Pro-Tough Wool Liner which is manufactured into the Wool Felt Pad without damaging the integrity of the felt
  • 7/8" Pad
  • Small Tod Slone pad
  • TS-GPR


If you have a horse that has consistent sore withers try the new Gen-Pro Barrel Saddle Pad by Tod Slone. With the new Pro-Tough Wool Liner manufactured into the wool felt of the pad you will receive a pad that is easier to clean, reisists stains and odors as well as the ability to perform longer. This pad is 7/8" thick and has no wither cut in the spine of the pad. Try one today!