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Thorlo Experia ProLite Blue No Show Socks

by Thorlo
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Style #: XPTU284-BLUE

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    • Thorlo 
    • Unisex 
    • Blue
    • No Show 
    • Socks
    • Nanoglid Fibers minimize fricktion and help stops blister from forming
    • Featherlite Thorlos padding - 30% lighter than oiginal Experia- for protection during long runs
    • Aero- dynamic design for enhanced fit
    • Intergrated venting enhances moisture protability
    • XPTU284-Blue

        Experia PorLite is the next generation inthe pursuit ofthe ultimate performance gear. The featherlite Experia ProLite features NanoGlide technology, with maximum wicking power, durabiltiy and friction reduction. Say "good-by" to blisters and hot spots. Nothing dries or cools the skin faster than PTFE NanoGlide. 

    NanoGlide fibert benefits- Moisture resistant and breathable so skin styas cooland socks dry fast. 

    Low kinetic friction allows maximum abrasion control to help stop blisters from forming. 

    Outstanding tactile/ softer fabric hand,contributes to overall comfort and feel.