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ThinkEquine All Natural Fly Deterrent Liquid

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    • ThinkEquine
    • Feed-through control
    • Works as an astringent and anti-inflammatory to reduce irritation
    • Alters odor through sweat making the animal less attractive to parasites
    • Reduces secondary or prolonged feeding
    • 1 liter

    Through the collaboration with veterinarians, ThinkEquine All Natural Fly Deterrent Liquid takes feed-thru control to the next level! ThinkEquine successfully knocks down flies, ticks, and other parasites in multiple ways.

    Optimizing Impact: The unique formula protects the active compounds, ensuring they are delivered where they will have the most effect.

    Supporting Skin Integrity: Contains active ingredients with a dual approach to support skin integrity. Working both as an astringent and anti-inflammatory, this helps to reduce scratching and irritation from bites.

    Altering Animal Odor: Special compounds secrete through the sweat. These odorous compounds help to alter the close environment of the animal (like a force field), making it less attractive to parasites.

    Altering Blood Palatability: The active ingredients in ThinkEquine are distributed throughout your horse's body through the blood. By making the blood unpalatable, secondary or prolonged biting and feeding is greatly reduced.