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OE Nutraceuticals The Solution

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  • OE Nutraceuticals
  • Aids in the re-establishment of a healthy stomach
  • Promotes intestinal absorption and function
  • Natural alternative
  • 10.4 lb
  • Up to a 21 day supply
  • OE-SOL

A powdered combination of natural ingredients that has been demonstrated to be beneficial in addressing the primary causes of equine gastro- intestinal disturbances. The Solution is a 21 day regimen that will aid in the re-establishment of a healthy stomach thru coating the stomach and intestinal mucosa, promote intestinal absorption of feed nutrients and intestinal function. Easy to administer-top dress feed concentrate that is palatable and can be mixed into food concentrate that the horse will eat willingly. The Solution is an affordable natural alternative to address gastro-intestinal issues.

21 day supply