Synergy Equine 24in 1000 Denier Tail Bag

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Style #: TAILBAG-S24

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  • Synergy Equine Products
  • 24in Tail Bag
  • 1000 Denier Waterproof Exterior
  • Rip Resistant Durable Outer Shell
  • Soft Inner Lining
  • Standard Colors: Black, Wine, Navy, Forest

 This tailbag is guaranteed to out-perform and out-last your current tail bag. Each tail bag is hand-crafted with a durable 1,000 denier waterproof exterior and lines with a soft, stretchy material that continues to the ties for added strength and protection from the elements.

This tailbag has many added benefits including:

A clean, shiny and healthy tail

Waterproof exterior keeps tail dry in wet conditions and prevents staining

Retains natural moisture and keeps hair from drying out

1,000 Denier outer fabric prevents rips and tears