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Slyder Quick Release and Roping Tool

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Style #: SQR-1

  • Endorsed by Walt Woodard
  • Removes Jerk from Horse and cattle
  • Stainless Steel
  • USA Made
  • SQR-1

The Slyder Quick Release and Roping Tool features a rubber strap that creates the dallying effect that gives this quick release its name. Your rope will slide through the Slyder and it will take that jerk away from your horse and the cattle which will cause your horse to stay collected. Two nylon straps allow you to adjust and tighten the quick release to your saddle for optimal security, Stainless steel made.Slyder is beneficial for anyone who ropes calves or steers. Their one of a kind product has been designed to eliminate the jerk and torque on the horses' front end, while extending the consistency and roping life of each steer. Slyder is perfect for green horses, as well because it increases their feel of the tug on their back end. They will also become desensitized to the sound of the rope sliding through the quick release.