Skin & Coat Cloth Wipes XL Refill Pack

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Style #: 3110-XL-BG

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  • Betty's Best
  • Natural bamboo cloths for dogs, horses and everything else
  • Extra large 8" x 8" cloth
  • 50 count refill pack
  • 3110-XL-BG

ALL-IN-ONE convenience for cleaning the entire body safely - face, ears, body, belly, paws and bum.

NATURAL and SAFE hypoallergenic ingredients of plant extracts and essential oils will cleanse, deodorize, nourish, and soothe the skin and coat.

SATURATED and ABSORBENT to tackle the dirtiest jobs.

BIODEGRADABLE bamboo Cloth Wipes are good for your pet -- and the planet!

DURABLE for multiple uses. Yep, our Cloth Wipes can be washed and reused!

XL SIZE for even large hands is more than adequate for most cleaning jobs measuring 8x8 inches, with double thickness and absorbency.