Roper Spur with Silver Bars

Roper Spur with Silver Bars

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Style #: NRS-SP103

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  • Rope Spur
  • Silver Bar
  • 5/8in Band
  • 1in Shank
  • Interchangeable Rowel
  • Sold as Pair
  • NRS-SP103

5/8" band, 1" drop down roper shank. Interchangeable rowel.A cowboy’s spurs are not only for working and communicating with his horse, but also are part of his image. Like a saddle or hat, a pair of personalized spurs accent and portray a cowboy’s personality. A uniquely designed pair of handmade spurs provide years of use and enjoyment.

NRS has a variety of custom opetions for you to be as creative as you would like. If you would like to enjoy some unique designs right away, we have some of our most popular styles of these handmade spurs in stock for you - ready to wear! Be creative and show your individuality! These also make great gifts. Metal will rust. Therefore, our blued and browned finished spurs are merely part of a controlled rusting process. Any blued or browned metal finish will need protection from rain and damp weather, which speeds up the rusting process. This can be achieved by keeping the spurs oiled with a product such as WD-40 or equivalent. If they have rusted, then following the instructions of any gun-blueing product will bring the metal back to the desired finish.