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OE Nutraceuticals Revive Electrolyte Paste

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  • OE Nutraceuticals
  • Electrolytes
  • Includes vitamins and minerals
  • Aids in recovery
  • Hydrates muscles 
  • Allows oxygen utilization
  • 4 doses per tube

Revive is a new electrolyte paste with the proven electrolyte matrix plus new vitamins and minerals. This new product will now meet the customer’s need for a more advanced electrolyte that aids in recovery. Revive is specifically designed to hydrate the muscles with an ingredient call Betaine and allow oxygen utilization with Octacosanol. Betaine plays a very important role in hydration of cells. It is known to attract water and protect cells from stressful factors from the environment and dehydration. It can be given in place of a jug immediately after competition or as a prerace booster.

4 doses per tube