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Restore High Energy Electrolyte

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  • Sullivan's Supply
  • Optimum fill and hydration
  • Restores depleted muscle cells
  • Creates fuller look
  • Keeps animal looking fresh
  • Supports muscle contraction and nerve conduction
  • 5 lb

Restore is an extraordinary electrolyte supplement created for optimum fill and hydration while at home and on the road. This high-energy electrolyte replenishes the hydration of the animal and restores depleted muscle cells making them fuller and more hydrated. The flavor additive makes Restore a great way to get animals to drink on the road, helping mask the smell and taste of different water supplies. By top dressing this product in the weeks leading up to departure you are allowing your animal to look their best even in stressful times. While at the show mix in the recommended amount into every gallon of water you provide your animal to achieve maximum fill and hydration.