Reinsman Rockin S Raised 3-Piece Snaffle Bit

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Style #: BIT-234


  • Reinsman
  • Rocking S
  • Raised 3-Piece Snaffle Bit
  • BIT-234

 This bit is designed to decrease the discomfort at the corners of the horse's mouth and will not pinch. The extra 3" rings at each end of the mouthpiece float independently to disperse pressure across the lip and cheeks to make the horse more responsive to the rider's cues. The raised snaffle offers less tongue pressure for better feel at the bars and lips. Attach the reins to the floating dee outside the cheek rings.

Stage A bits are great for starting horses, training, or maintaining steady contact. Aspects include direct reining, non-leverage loose rings and dee rings with mouthpiece diameters 5/16" and over.