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Purina Race Ready Race Horse Formula 50lb

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  • Energy Dense Formula with Beet Pulp
  • Purina® Amplify® Nugget 
  • Balanced Nutrition; supplies optimal levels of all nutrients required by the racehorse
  • Added Thiamin to help enhance metabolism for fast recovery 
  • Added Antioxidant Vitamin E to help exercising horses maintain muscle health and performance 
    • A precise blend of fat, fermentable fibers and soluble carbohydrates to support high performance
    • Extreme Palatability 
    • Designed to be fed with hay or pasture 
    • 50 lb. bag 
    • 0032988


On today’s racetrack, seconds mean the difference between 1st place and “also ran.” Equine athletes must have high-quality nutrition, scientifically formulated to give them the race-ready edge that will allow them to move ahead of the competition. Race Ready® Race Horse Formula Sweet Feed from Purina® does exactly that. Purina® Race Ready® Horse Feed provides the calories required for top speed and endurance from three different energy sources: fats, fibers and soluble carbohydrates. A highly digestible, energy-dense feed, Purina® Race Ready® Horse Feed maximizes performance while minimizing the opportunity for digestive upset.