Professionals Choice 33x38 Mesquite Saddle Pad

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Style #: WSPM-33


  • Professional's Choice
  • Mesquite
  • 100% New Zealand Wool Blanket Top
  • Shock Absorbing 1"Felt and Foam Center
  • Moisture Wicking, Conforming Fleece Bottom
  • Hand Sewn 3 Layers
  • Brown Wear Leathers
  • 33"X38""
  • 1" Thick
  • Colors: Black, Cream, Navy and Taupe
  • WSPM-33

  An intricately designed 100% New Zealand wool blanket top is paired with a shock-absorbing 1” felt and foam combination center. The soft, conforming fleece bottom wicks away moisture and add an extra layer of comfort. The three layers are hand sewn into an attractive and functional pad. Finished with rich brown wear leathers. Available in size 33"X38” in colors Black, Cream, Navy and Taupe.

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