Professional’s Choice SMB Combo Boots

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  • Provides support to the horse’s tendons and ligaments
  • Lined with UltraShock
  • Provides 360 degrees of protection from the cannon bone down to the hoof
  • Absorbs and average of 26% of negative energy
  • Protects the horse’s leg from painful surface injuries and hyperextension of the fetlock
  • Made of limestone-based neoprene that offers a four-way stretch and won’t crack or crumble
  • Professional's Choice “The more comfortable the horse, the better the performance”

    Professional’s Choice SMB Combo Boots is a combination of a Sports Medicine Boot and a bell boot, that provides 360 degrees of protection from the cannon bone all the way down to the hoof. These boots absorb up to 26% of negative energy from hoof impact and also prevent hyperextension of the fetlock which can lead to serious injuries. The hinge-attached bell boot won’t interfere with natural movement and the soft nylon lined neoprene won’t rub. In addition, the unique suspensory strap provides support to the tendons and ligaments. An UltraShock lining provides additional emery absorption. Hook fasteners are convenient for application and easily adjustable. An antimicrobial lining prevents transfer of dermatological diseases. This product comes with a 30-Day money-back guarantee/six-month warranty or as required by law. Professional’s Choice SMB Combo Boots are sold in pairs and available in medium sizes only.

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