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Panacea White Enamel Planter Bucket #3

by Panacea
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Style #: 82612

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  • 14" diameter x 9" high
  • 82612

Create a rustic and generous garden centerpiece with this Panacea Large Vintage Milkhouse Planter Bucket. The classic shape of this unit brings nostalgic style to your landscape in moments, while its white color adds a bright hint. Two raised, horizontal lines on the tapered body enhance the familiar, bucket shape, furthered by the arched handle with wooden grasp. The item provides a wealth of planting room for several herbs or flowers, and a removable, rubber plug on its base prevents overwatering. The white finish on the steel bucket offers a crisp look, contrasted by the black trim on the handle, around the top, and on the "No. 3" adornment. Its 9.75" diameter base easily rests on a level surface in your garden or on your patio, and the unit is even large enough to accommodate a few beverages at an outdoor party. The steel body remains durable for seasons of use, and its classic shape meshes with a wealth of settings. Display a few potted blooms in a remarkable vessel using this Large Vintage Milkhouse Planter Bucket.